The Poisoning

by Johnny Indovina

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The Poisoning

When the fog just will not lift
Stuck for a moment, then years of it
Bitter gray your aura speaks
Of loneliness, it’s the only theme

Life is long, we’re not made to understand it
You feel love, but it the end it you couldn’t give it
Alone we come, alone we stand, alone we go
All we learn here is that we do not know

The rise, the fall, the guilt, the shame
How much right does it take to wash the wrong away?
From the bitter pill of passing days
In the blood of man the poison stays

Has our God left our side?
Was he there all the nights we cried?
If he speaks still we don’t hear
Perhaps it’s his word that we fear

God I’m lost, I could really use some saving
Step right in my faith is wavering
My heart is standing in shadows and denial
I may drop before I see my souls revival

The rise, the fall, the guilt, the shame…

Tears fall like rain, they fall from the eyes
Of a man lost inside
Tears fall like rain, they fall to ground
Confusing the fool , lost to temptation….

Feel so different but look so same
My actions have brought me nothing but shame
The man that once saw so clear, that man wouldn’t even let me near

I heard someone say “everything is broken”
Rang so loud nothing more true ever spoken
I look through the same eyes that saw the lie
At shallowness, bitterness, a weak mans disguise

The rise, the fall, the guilt, the shame….


released 29 September 2010
Written by S.J. Indovina Jr.



all rights reserved


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