Life is Beautiful, Life is Cruel

from by Sound of the Blue Heart



Jenny hums a song, she can’t find the words
She hears the whisper of the wind
She turns her head
Taken by the moonlight as it shines
Through the curtains, softly spilling shadows
On the soul it finds

Maybe there’s meaning and we just can’t know
But I do know these walls will never be her home
I’ll just close my eyes and go some place far
Maybe I’ll find a reason or at least avoid the scars

The fire in my heart tonight
It rages high, it rages wide
For everything I must forget
Denied, or buried deep within
I struggle for the lesson in
A pain that should be saved
For greater sins
Than loving, trusting, caring
The fire in my heart tonight
It rages high
Rages wide

Hey man, you were in my dream last night
You looked different, but I knew it was you…
You said what you said the night we met
It was good to feel that way again…

Wish I could take you there with me
I guess we left to fast
Can’t change it now, it’s so far in the past
Wish I could see that look again, it’s been so long
But you’re somewhere different now
And that would be wrong

The fire in my heart tonight…

Time forgets a little, but I need a little more
I knew you’d stay with me, even after you’d gone
I’ll admit that life is beautiful
I’ll admit that life is cruel
And that I learned both loving you……

Wherever you are, you’ll never be far
But I am sure I’d never recognize just who you are
But somewhere, maybe deep, below those eyes
You wonder where I am
Standing tonight

The fire in my heart tonight…


from Wind of Change, released January 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Johnny Indovina Los Angeles, California

Intense. That ’s the word that best describes Johnny Indovina - his music, his performances, and his audience’s love for his songs.

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