Looking up, looking down
At my steps I wonder where
Where do they lead?
To another place to another place where I cannot be

Am I never going to shake sorrow’s cloud?
Each day I wake, it wakes with me

Eyes that judge, eyes of fear
I’m just a mother’s son,
How would you think she’d feel if she saw me here?
Look inside yourself
Just how far do you really think you are
From standing here?

There is no love in the shadows of black and grey
Only fear of what tomorrow may bring
Still I walk, I know no other way
Still I hope, …hope is all that is left

Funny, now I remember then
When I was a little boy standing in the gym
Beside others just like me
Sometimes I wonder where they are
Knowing well, they’re not like me

Then I take a pill I took a thousand times
Then I break the razor in my bag
But I sleep again before the task is done
In the morning wonder if I’m weak or strong…

Don’t need your tears, don’t need your shame
Just close your door see if I go away
You can forget so easily
What you don’t allow yourself to see
Just keep those tears and keep your shame
Just close your door I’ll go away

Every now and then
I try to find the moment when
I became, a forgotten man

I curse the sun for simply daring to rise again
I curse myself, and the pain within
I curse a world that seems to have no time to care
I curse everything truth I curse every lie


from Wind of Change, released January 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Johnny Indovina Los Angeles, California

Intense. That ’s the word that best describes Johnny Indovina - his music, his performances, and his audience’s love for his songs.

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