I see the storm clouds come
I wonder this time will they stay
As the crow flies by
Never to pass this way again

A chill fills the air where did summer go?
Just a moment before it was warm
And we were young and song took us away
Now there's precious little left to keep us safe

So rain on me ...
Go ahead and, rain on me
I'll remember all I felt, it’s all I need
I’ll just close my eyes

I see you here love,
the pure pouring out for the first time
I smile in a different way
Not knowing that, or why things would change

Loves a fragile thing, it’s the only thing
It will leave and return but never be the same
So I just hear those words and feel the eyes
Of innocent love again and hold on tight

So rain on me ...

Is it time to count our blessings
Time to show the hand we held
Time to release a useless ego
What we are now is all we own

I see the storm clouds come
I’ve seen them many times before
But something’s different now
On an empty sidewalk today I stand alone

Dad I hear your voice and I’m coming home
My room still stands, I can be that boy
In the parish again held in my mind
Surrounded by love in a simple time I’ll stay

So rain on me ...


from Broken Songs For Broken People, released September 29, 2017


all rights reserved



Johnny Indovina Los Angeles, California

Intense. That ’s the word that best describes Johnny Indovina - his music, his performances, and his audience’s love for his songs.

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